After a few tests around the block, it was time to figure out how to mount the bike on the kayak.  I didn’t know how I was going to do this, but I knew I wanted to fit as much inside the hatch as possible, and keep the rest mounted low in order to make sure everything was stabilized in the water.

As it turned out, not much fit inside the hatch.  Really just the cart wheels and the bike seat.  The cart frame almost fit, but not quite.

Everything else would go on top.  The bike frame looked good on the front, and the wheels stacked well on the back, but this means I don’t have hatch access while on the water.  I can live with that.  I also can’t close the hatch, but that should be fine too.

Once I had everything arranged, I had to figure out how to attach it all.  A quick trip to the department store, and I had exactly what I needed: 20 small bungie cords, of which I only needed 9, but I’ll keep the extras in the hatch for random camping needs. 

Now it was time to test this whole rig out.  I was pretty excited about this since I’ve been working on this setup on and off for about two years.  Fortunately I live near a lake, so I was able to bike the kayak to one side of the lake, kayak across it, and bike back home.  I was a little worried it would be unstable in the water with the bike in top, but the kayak’s stability was surprisingly unaffected.  It takes about 10 min to transform from road mode to water mode, and another 10 min for transform back again.  I lucked out and some of my neighbors were out on the lake, so I carefully handed them my phone to document my first full test.

Since this first test, I had the opportunity to join some of my fellow kayakers in providing rescue support services to triathlon swimmers at a lake 3.5 miles a way.  A perfect road test for the road rig.  I’ll have the results for ya in my next post.

It’s all coming together now!  I may accomplish my dream of the fully sustained two day trip this year.


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