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About Biyaking

Biyaking is the hybrid sport of biking and kayaking.

I'm both a biker and a kayaker, and I love the idea of doing both! The concept is simple - Tow a kayak behind a bike on land, and then mount the bike on the kayak on water. It took me a while to devise the perfect rig, and I've tried several different components and setups. I'm certainly not the first person to do this, but I'd like to share my experience with you, and help you get started! You may simply want a way to get your kayak to the water, or you might be lookingfor a round-trip solution to kayaking downstream.

In September of 2015, I took my Biyaking rig on a 2-day, self-sustained 73 mile trip involving 3 sections on the road, and 2 on the water. Several miles of road were even gravel roads. Read about my adventure on my blog or watch the YouTube video.






Biyaking on Water


Biyaking on Land

Biyaking Parts


You'll need a good reliable bike. I've found that hybrid and mountain bikes work better than road bikes for biyaking. The bike should be easily broken down into its smaller components, so quick release wheels and seat-post are a must. I use a Schwinn hybrid bike when biyaking on pavement and a Gary Fisher mountain bike when my biyaking takes me off road (or on gravel roads.)


Depending on the type of water you'll be on, you'll need either a recreational, or a sea kayak. I have used my cart on top of my whitewater boat for long hauls, but the added equipment makes it easier to flip. Your kayak should have attachment points on top to allow you to mount your bike with bungee cords. I've found the 10.5 ft. Dagger Axis to be great for short, or multi-day trips.

Tow Equipment

A cart and a tow bar are the basics here. The "Shoreline Marine Aluminum Canoe Carrier" has served me well with its pneumatic tires (however I have yet to find a right angle air chuck for my CO2 cartridges.) For the task of towing, I use a modified version of the "Dumb Stick". It's a good design for light towing, but you'll need to beef it up if you plan to carry camping gear and food.

Mounting Equipment

The mounting equipment is pretty simple: Bungee cords. A 20 pack of mini bungee cords will hold everything pretty secure, but be sure to double check everything to security. You don't want to lose your bike under the water if you flip. A secure attachment is VERY important!

Biyaking Events

I will be organizing the following Biyaking events in 2016:

Event Date Duration Location Notes Organizer
Spring TBD 2-day Indianapolis, IN Area Will require membership with Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club ($15/family per year) Jon Reneberg
Spring TBD 4 hours Indianapolis, IN - Fall Creek Will require membership with Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club ($15/family per year) Jon Reneberg
Fall TBD 2-day Indianapolis, IN Area Will require membership with Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club ($15/family per year) Jon Reneberg
Mountains TBD Unknown Boulder, CO Area Intended to explore the possiblility of mountain biyaking - Experienced kayakers only! Jon Reneberg

Let me know if you would like to participate, or if you would like to organize a biyaking event.

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